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Building a Bridge

There is something quite extraordinary about knowing what you want! And, when working with my clients, it is imperative that your clients know that they know what they want. After all, you are helping them to get there. It's interesting to me that when helping my supervisees or students with some of their client work how sketchy they can be on what their client wants. I was assisting someone the other day; she was asking me the standard "what NLP processes should I use with this person" question. Her client was very depressed, withdrawn from life and stuck. My first question to her was: "What is her desired state?". In my opinion, there is no use doing anything with anyone unless I know where they are going. Her answer "she wants to be a professional dancer". OK - I don't know about you, but if my client is depressed their desired state is not to be a dancer. That might be the long-term goal, but not the desired state for right here and right now…

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