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Easy Method for Carrying Dog Waste

As dog owners, we all desire to find accessories to make our jobs easier. Consider a new way to accomplish that daily task... An easy method for carrying dog waste.We all love our pooches, but the job of picking up their feces is certainly not an enjoyable task. We know it is the correct thing to do to protect our environment, our and other's shoes and visual rights. Also, realizing the recently exposed contingent of diseases acquired by canine feces, our health is added to the reasons for picking up dog poop. And finally, it is the law.But once we have picked it up, what do we do with it? Well for years we have simply carried the load along in our hands, being careful not to swing to it hard or bump it against anything. Or maybe we have tied it to our leash, again being careful not to jostle the load. Well talk about visual rights... isn't this a disgusting eyeful when we consider it?Please consider a better way. Discover a very easy method for carrying dog waste. Simply plac…

Dog Poop Removal by Carrying the Poop in a Dignified Way

Expert Author Kay Ringelstetter

We responsible pet owners all need to do this every day... pick up dog poop. Actually several times a day. Wherever we walk... country, superb, city... it happens, and often far away from a trash receptacle. And we are left carrying a "bag of honor", trying not to bump, squash or jostle it. Maybe a bit proud for doing our public duty and following the law, but certainly not pleased with the ugly look and protection needed. This is the way we have done it for years. It is time to come out of the cave.

Consider a new way to carry it. Consider a new dog accessory to assist you while walking your dog and RESTORE YOUR DIGNITY while doing so. You will always be seen as a responsible dog owner and only you will know if your poop bag is full or not. Just the presence of your new accessory connected to your leash or belt loops will give the appearance of a responsible and dignified dog owner.

We all know how to use our handy bags to pick up the poop. We all also know the feeling of now carrying the mess as we continue our walk. How about if we now do something different? We simply place the mess in a fashionable holder that will disguise the ugliness and also protect our package from bumps and squashes. Most holders can hold more than one loaded bag.

Please consider this convenient pet accessory to RESTORE YOUR DIGNITY with your dog poop removal. It has everything you will need when walking your best friend. Many can be attached on your leash... up near your hand or down near your pet. Retractable leashes are sometimes included. If you don't use a leash, some can even be attached to your belt loops or simply carried by hand.

In addition to carrying your loaded bags, a few are large enough to also carry your empty bags along with much more, possibly cell phone, wallet, dog treats, etc. A couple even have a handy hook that could carry your keys, flashlight or additional bags. One holder (that contains all of the above even has a side pocket that will contain an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer which is something we all need after handling dog poop if we are not near soap and water. Then we can nibble on that cookie or apple knowing that any germs are gone.

So please consider a new accessory that will assist you with dog poop removal. Consider a dog poop bag holder that will RESTORE YOUR DIGNITY when carrying your friend's waste.


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